By: David Sewell, President, Sewelltech, Inc

November 03, 2015 8:55 am EST
Restaurant Wi-Fi
Lunchtime Productivity

Internet access has evolved to become a given, as society loves to be connected. As a result, wireless has wildly succeeded as a technology. Open Internet access is a feature people find appealing because many of the mobile gadgets produced today are designed to be Wi-Fi enabled.

Businesses have rapidly realized the potential market appeal of society’s desire to be constantly connected and as such have been integrating ways to use wireless in their marketing strategies. Many companies have found including wireless as a promotional effort is a successful way to entice consumers and that it can effectively boost business by offering free Wi-Fi.

Customers Love Perks

Use the word “free” and consumers are bound to take notice. Free Wi-Fi is a perk that consumers will not only be attracted to but also one they’ll enjoy and linger with while using the product or service being offered. In the long run, customers’ spending extended amounts of time in an establishment that provides enticing perks increases sales.

Increase Sales

As people surf the Internet while sitting in a shop or restaurant, they are likely to buy additional drinks, snacks, or other products and services while doing so. Unsurprisingly, most companies that offer Wi-Fi are food retailers; however, the strategy can succeed in other types of businesses, too.

Facilitates Better Client Relations

From the doctor’s office to the barbershop, regardless of existing appointments, more often than not, schedules run late, and patients and clients are forced to bide their time. By providing free Wi-Fi access, organizations can show that they value their clients’ time by allowing them to be productive while they wait for their appointments. For those who might not be as busy, Internet access can also serve as a welcome distraction.

Can Provide Valuable Customer Information

Businesses offering free Wi-Fi can monitor and track online customer behavior and, thereafter, prepare more targeted incentives and strategies to increase sales. Although many might be uncomfortable with this, depending on each State’s laws, persons or businesses can be held liable for illegal online activities occurring on their premises. Hence, it is advisable that those who provide free Wi-Fi monitor online activity and that they remind prospective Wi-Fi users of the businesses’ right to examine the traffic.


As Wi-Fi becomes a given, consumers are likely to come to expect free Wi-Fi, and those businesses that do not offer it are probably going to find themselves losing a competitive edge. In the meantime, offering wireless is bound to be a great way to keep customers happy.

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About the author

David Sewell is the President and owner of Sewelltech, Inc., an Apple Value Added Reseller based in Dallas, Texas. David founded Sewelltech in 1994 after graduating the Colorado Institute of Art with a degree in graphic arts and photography where his technical skills lead to being engaged to manage the computer labs. David can be contacted by phone at 214-845-8198 or through the Contact Form on Sewelltech's website.

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