About Core Compass

Core Compass publishes selective and distinguished expert insights for time-starved successful lives. We provide resources that enable our audience to more effectively participate in resolving its core concerns with the professionals it engages. We foster opportunities for vetted peers to exchange ideas on crucial topics that support their continued successes. We do so while acting with the utmost respect for the privacy of our participants.


Core Compass’s content focus is overseen by a team of professionals with decades of experience as business leaders and highly qualified service providers. Our publishing decisions are guided by our hands-on perspectives as chief operators and senior advisors as we target substantive, practical insights from leading experts in their fields..

We don’t try to be all things to all people but concentrate on saving our targeted constituencies time in finding significant depth on the core issues that are most important to them. We optimize on supporting key decision-making and uncovering new opportunities within a respectful peer environment, synonymous with what you might find at a professional business conference.

Core Compass understands that the preferences of our target constituency are unique and that personal privacy is extremely important to them. Our participants prefer to be discrete about their accomplishments and keep their activities online private. Core Compass's Privacy Policy is designed to accommodate a refined approach in protecting our participants.