Advertising on Core Compass

Core Compass is focused on a demographic of successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and family interests who seek independent expertise and new ideas to improve and accelerate successes their lives. This segment that frequents Core Compass is hard to find on the Internet as they often prefer to be modest about their accomplishments and aren't significant users of 'all things to all people' networking and information resources.

The focused demographic represented by Core Compass's users presents a unique opportunity for distinguished brands and professional services firms to:

  • maximize the likelihood that marketing campaigns will reach a concentration of successful prospects, recommenders and influencers.
  • target users who are actively researching issues that will require professional services support to implement, leading to higher follow-through engagement.
  • expose themselves to other complementing services professionals who seek to collaborate so that they can extend their geographic and functional capabilities in order to fulfill the needs of specific clients.

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About the Veterans Charities Ads on This Website

The Ads for Veterans and Military Charities on this Core Compass Website have been provided without charge to those entities through our Pro Bono Veterans and Military Ad Program.  Given that many of our leaders and staff are United States Military veterans themselves, this program is a small way for us to "give back" to our brothers and sisters in arms.

All the Veterans or Military Charities that appear have been extensively vetted by us as being top charities in terms of performance and transparency.  They also are mostly smaller charities that need exposure given that they don't have large support organizations and substantial marketing budgets as larger charities do.  While our evaluation process isn't perfect, it is highly probable that the charities that appear on this website are performing at a high level in comparison with their peers.

If you have a veterans or military charity that you think we should consider for inclusion in our program, please contact us with details at: