The Frightful Five and Investors’ Lament

Will tech have its problems in the future like it has had in the past? The most damning words in investing are, “It’s different this time.” Buyers beware.

Mean Reversion and The Bell Curve

Over a three-year time period, stock prices tend to mean revert. This has spawned numerous investment approaches which try to squeeze capital gains out of those reversions.

Net Neutrality or Level Playing Field

RCA Victor

The Grand Divorce

How does total domination in a sector of the economy play out for the shareholders of the leading company involved?

Become the Landlord of Your Stocks


If you are able to understand the principal concepts of how to become an effective landlord of real estate, then applying the same principles on how to become an effective landlord of your stock portfolio is highly achievable.

Intelligent Investing

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Avoiding Cigarette Butts

Your investment portfolio will perform much better, if you throw away the cigarette butts and focus on identifying a market leading franchise that can sustain earnings growth.

Intelligent Investing

Warren Buffet

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Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter: Cheap and Wonderful

Buffett points out that the US economy is still “wonderful” and should create ever higher standards of living in the next 30 years.

Intelligent Investing

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Avoiding Automobile and Portfolio Crashes

Some of the hazardous behaviors that should be avoided by those maneuvering an investment portfolio.

U.S. Stocks


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Is Facebook a Screaming Buy Or Sell?

A look at the power, protection and return potential that can occur when investing in growth stocks. Investing lessons about growth stock investing using Facebook as a quintessential example of a...

Intelligent Investing

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Most professional and individual investors want the long-duration benefit of common stock ownership but are unwilling to keep their portfolio intact through the market’s ups and downs.

Intelligent Investing

stock market volatility

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Thank You Volatility

Great investors love uncertainty because volatility equates to opportunity. Selling or shorting into volatile euphoria and buying into panic is a time-tested, wealth creating strategy.