Is Gold’s Pullback Another Buying Opportunity?

There are reasons in the technical charts, in the fundamentals, and in investor sentiment, to believe gold is ready for at least a tradable bear market rally.

Gold Rally Has Technical and Fundamental Support

For the moment, gold is demonstrating a promising intermediate-term rally, but not necessarily the end of its bear market. That will be determined by how gold handles resistance in the area of $1,400 an ounce.

Still Lower Prices Ahead For Oil?

Oil Rigs

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The recent drop in oil prices and many of the securities involved in the energy business has caused an outcry for real answers.

Should You Buy into Oil’s Secular Bear Market?

We are still early in the energy sector as it moves from sheer excitement and enthusiasm to contentiousness and utter distaste. Better prices are still ahead.


Declining Gold Prices

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Look Out Below for Gold

With the U.S. dollar spiking up further in reaction to Friday’s employment report, gold has been trading as low as $1,189 an ounce.



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Last Stand Approaching for Gold

Gold is now approaching a critical juncture at just under $1,200 an ounce. A break below will put gold at new multi-year lows and in uncharted waters, likely to bring on more pronounced selling.


Gold Investments

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Investing In Gold

We've all seen the ads saying, ‘gold has never been worth zero!’ but then the S&P 500 has never been worth zero either. and the S&P 500 has never dropped 71% of its value over a 19-year...


Gold and Silver

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Investing in Gold and Silver Coins

Shares in a company appreciate in two ways. They appreciate with inflation as the company is worth more. They also appreciate as real work in the company adds value and earns a profit.


Physical Silver

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Considering A Withdrawal From Your IRA To Purchase Physical Silver? Think Again

Most investors who invest in physical silver are worried about holding dollars as the government devalues the currency. But holding precious metals means that the government will tax you 28% of...


Gold Bars

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Gold: The World’s Friend for 5,000 Years

Gold's recent weakness has triggered a -2.2 sigma event in standard deviation terms. Historically, each time gold has touched the -2 sigma mark, the precious metal has rallied.