Why Conflicts of Interest Matter More Than Ever

The traditional commercial real estate brokerage process involves inherent conflicts of interest that are routinely accepted by clients. A look at what's motivating the emergence of independent advocates for tenants.

San Bernardino Landlord Holds Controversial Open House

Was the California landlord to the terrorist couple entitled to open up the rental property to news media?  A story of interest to any landlord with elderly tenants or who rents in a community with a crime problem.

Attorneys’ Fees – Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

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Getting the Most Out of Your Tenant Improvement Dollars

Before you turn over your construction project to your landlord, there are several things you should address in your lease to ensure you get the most for your money.

When Is a Market Comp Not a Comp

Commercial Real Estate

Providing examples of other deals in the market would appear fairly straightforward, right?  Unfortunately the answer is often "no".

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But, The Lease Guaranty Had All Of The Right Words – What Happened?

What’s a poor landlord or other creditor to do? It’s simple. If you want the guarantor to remain on the hook, get the guarantor to reaffirm the guarantee in connection with any lease modifications.

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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Lawsuits: Navigating the Marijuana Maze

Many businesses are confused by the inherent legal conflicts between states and the federal government on marijuana. Multi-family property owners have been left to grapple with a maze of conflicting...

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AMC, Hoffman Town Center

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Unlicensed Real Estate Agent Costs Brokerage $6.6 Million Commission

What tasks can real estate brokerages assign to employees lacking a real estate license? What risks does a brokerage run from allowing unlicensed agents to manage relationships with clients and other...

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Landlord Strategies for Avoiding Security Deposit Disputes

A lawsuit over a prior tenant’s security deposit can create a big distraction to a landlord. Proving damages can be a time intensive activity. Fortunately, many of these disputes are avoidable.

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Measuring Your Risk: Square Footage Misrepresentation

Cost per square foot is a critical figure that buyers and renters rely upon when shopping for their next condo or apartment. Legal liability is becoming a factor when the listed square footage is...

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Good Guys Wear White Hats

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What Good Is a Good Guy Guarantee?

A good guy guarantee in its simplest form provides that the guarantor remains liable on the lease up through the time the tenant surrenders possession back to the landlord.