Business League: A Different Type Of Tax-Exempt

A business league is a 501(c)(6).  Payments to a 501(c)(6) are not deductible as contributions. They are, however, deductible as a business expense- which makes sense as they are business leagues.

How To Lose All Of Your Auto Deduction

A consultant tried to deduct his Aston Martin Vantage with a simple sheet of paper with two mileage values - one at the beginning of the year and the other at year's end. The IRS was not amused.

A Mom Taking Care Of A Disabled Child And Payroll Taxes

Piles of money

A Tax Shelter In The Making

The ins and outs of "captive" insurance companies - and making sure that you don't use your captive for other than its intended purpose or the IRS will come calling.

HRAs Are Back


In 2017, Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) will be available to employers with fewer than 50 full-time-equivalent employees and are tax-free as long as employees also have health insurance.



Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) | 20th Century Fox | nopopup

Fair v. Unfair Competition, or the Real Life Case of Globo Gym v. Average Joes

The line between fair competition and unfair competition is often in the eye of the beholder, frequently pushing the parties towards litigation as a forum for resolving what is fair.

Business Taxes


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Pay Payroll Taxes Or Go Out Of Business?

You get a job helping to turnaround a failing company. You discover payroll taxes haven't been paid and struggle to catch up with dwindling cash flow.  Expect the IRS to hold you personally...



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The Three Best Ways to Stay Out of Court

Once a person finds themselves in court, it is often very difficult to get out without expending more money than the dispute is worth. Why you should make every effort to avoid court as a means to...


Trade secret theft

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9 Basic Steps For Minimizing Trade Secrets Theft From Your Company

Companies who have not taken stock of their trade secrets and implemented measures to protect them are extremely vulnerable to having such secrets stolen by disgruntled employees or aggressive...

Business Taxes


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Nails, REITs And Coffins

It began as some pushed the envelope. They redefined “real estate” to include things that are not real estate. As a result, Congress put a chill on future REIT deals with the “Protecting Americans...



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You May Not Be Prison-Bound, but That Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Breaking the Law

Under federal copyright law, anyone who willfully infringes a copyright in certain ways will be subject to criminal penalties, including prison for several years. That’s a remedy to be taken...