Cleaning Out Your Financial Trunk

Many investors have a problem with their scattered finances… an IRA here, 401(k) there, trust account, savings account, bank CD, insurance policy, and not to mention a slew of other spouse accounts. Is there any cohesive strategy behind...

Goodwill and Valuation of Professional Practices During a Divorce

When considering the valuation of professional practices, especially smaller practices, whether dental, legal, medical, accounting, psychiatric, or other, much of the “value” of the business is in the form of personal goodwill.

Why Self-Coverage May Not Be An Adequate Substitute for Long-term Care Planning and Insurance


Divorce Planning: Managing the Unmanageable

The emotional dysfunction that destroyed the marriage should not turn a difficult process into a nightmare. There is no panacea.  But the process can be tamed through planning, self-work and maintenance of hope. 

Understanding the Process of Long-Term Care Planning - The Four Principles


There is the portion of life that the majority of us will experience after the retirement years called eldercare.  Very few people plan for this part of their life.

Family Finances


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6 Ways People Block Their Financial Success …

A look at the ways people tend to create their own obstacles when it comes to money - and how to release those money blocks that hold you back.

Family Finances

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Is Downsizing My House a Good Decision?

After losing a spouse or ending a marriage a common question is, should I downsize? Many of us are tied not only financially but also emotionally to our family home, making the decision to downsize...

Avoiding Fraud

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Avoiding Becoming the Victim of the Next Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford and other investment scam artists took advantage of victims who often failed to conduct adequate financial due diligence about these faux financial managers.


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Can You Retire? Getting to Your Number

The ever-shifting and imprecise variables needed to compute the size of your needed nest egg for retirement can seem overwhelming.

Avoiding Fraud


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Don’t Let Greed Lure You Into Scams

The market is breaking out to new highs. Investor optimism and confidence are very high. Unfortunately, this is opportunity time not just for normal investing, but also high season for those...

Avoiding Fraud

Identity Theft

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Identity Theft - It's Everywhere

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information to commit fraud, open accounts or make purchases in your name and brings with it a ripple effect of problems that could take a year...