Mortgage Fraud Shifts Risk of Decrease in Value of Collateral

The U.S. Supreme Court affirmed that the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act to applies to the sales price obtained by the bank selling a property post foreclosure as a partial “return” of defrauded loan proceeds.

How Should the Courts Determine Mortgage Fraud Restitution?

For mortgage fraud restitution, it can be difficult adjusting a loan balance for a foreclosure. In a criminal case, how much of an off-set is the defendant entitled for the home when the bank forecloses on it?

Short Sale Sellers May Face Huge Tax Bill In 2014

Finance Agreement

Think Carefully Before Accepting Loan Guarantee Waivers

Each lender has different standards, and each loan is different, so borrowers and guarantors need to limit any such waivers to ensure that they have the benefit of all applicable statutes that provide protection for them.

Plaintiff Sanctioned for Intimidating Lawsuit


Experienced trial lawyers know that judges disfavor parties using litigation as a means of inflicting extra punishment on their opponent beyond the outcome of the case.

Real Estate Taxes

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Real Estate Transactions & the New 3.8% Medicare Taxes

As a strategy, taxpayers contemplating the sale of real estate, or the sale of securities with significant capital gains may want to consider doing so before the end of the year.

Financing & Taxes

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Dusting Off and Enhancing the Review Appraisal

Over the years, it seems that there has been as many property-evaluation tools out there as Carter has pills. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a plethora of different appraisal forms, and they are...

1031 Exchanges

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Section 1031 is Not Just for Real Estate

Exchangeable business property includes equipment used in the business, such as the trucks and trailers, cranes and other heavy machinery, aircraft, automobiles, intangible assets, artwork and other...

1031 Exchanges

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Avoiding Taxable Gains on Foreclosures Under Section 1031

Foreclosures of commercial and multi-family property are expected to increase in 2010, due primarily to the decline in real estate values, high vacancy rates, and the unavailability of commercial...

1031 Exchanges

Mountains and Plains in Nevada

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Reverse 1031 Exchanges – a Primer for Today’s Real Estate Market

Knowledgeable real estate investors are not only finding great deals to improve their portfolios, but they are using Reverse 1031 Exchanges as a powerful tool to protect their equity from premature...

1031 Exchanges

U.S. Capitol Building

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What’s the Short-term Outlook for 1031 Exchanges?

By the end of the year I think we’ll have a sense for what legislation will pass and what its cost will be, and at that point they’ll turn their focus to how to pay for it.