Beware: El-Erian & Gross Selling Buicks…Not Chevys

Despite the doomsday rhetoric from the bond brothers, PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian and founder Bill Gross have witnessed a more than doubling in equity prices, which has soundly trounced the performance of bonds over the last four years.

PIMCO – The Downhill Marathon Machine

PIMCO has separated itself from the competition with its shrewd world-class marketing capabilities. Many investors are scooping up PIMCO’s bond products as they wait for financial Armageddon to arrive.

10 Common Mistakes Made by ETF Investors


PIMCO and Stocks: The Slow Motion Train Wreck

With more than 99% of PIMCO’s $2 trillion in assets under management locked into bonds, company executives have made a half-hearted effort of getting into the equity markets, even though they’ve enjoyed high-fiving each other during the three-decade-long...

3 ETF Indicators That Challenge The “Economy Is Improving” Assumption

Teaser: With the Federal Reserve presumably committed to winding down its quantitative easing (QE 3) experiment, as well as elevated measure of volatility in equity trading, a defensive posture certainly seems warranted.