How Not To Get Kidnapped In China

The best course of action is to get the employees out of this town as quickly as possible and on their way back to the United States.

7 Top Tips for Entrepreneurs Starting a Business in China

Juan Gutierrez and Veronica Menendez set up LinkPoint Europe, a China consulting and sourcing business.  Their five years experience has provided them with some valuable market insights that they share in this interview.

How to Set Up a Business in Japan


The EU/US Safe Harbor Is No Longer Safe!

A ruling by Europe's top court invalidating a 15-year-old pact between the United States and the European Union which allowed American organizations to handle the personal data of Europeans - a decision that will have massive, far-reaching implications.

Italy’s Government Gets Serious with Tax Collection

Italy Economy

Italian taxpayers are finding it difficult to keep their financial heads above water while paying taxes that until recently were far easier to evade.

Offshore Sourcing

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An Offshore Sourcing Primer: Leveraging Chinese Manufacturing Resources

For those who are accustomed to dealing with contract manufacturing in Western markets, the first ventures into Chinese manufacturing will require a major reset in business approaches and...