FDA & Herbal Medicine - Caveat Emptor!

The FDA has a very light regulatory hand over dietary supplements and is primarily focused on misleading claims and that products are as their label’s state. There is no FDA approval of efficacy as is required for prescription...

Medicine Is an Art and Science

Knowledge and experience are important, but judgment trumps them both.   The best clinicians are those who consistently exercise excellent medical judgment.

How to Protect Yourself from Unexpected Medical Expenses

Online symptom checkers

Are Online Symptom-Checker Websites Providing You With An Accurate Diagnosis?

A Harvard study shows that online symptom checkers used by patients are generally very poor at returning a correct diagnosis.

Is Your Doctor 'Aware'?


‘Doctor aware’ is the phrase that hospital nurses record in their nurse’s notes when they have notified the doctor, usually by phone, on a patient’s issue – transferring responsibility for the issue to the physician.