Negotiating Employment Agreements or the Real Reason Jennifer Lawrence Got Paid Less Than Bradley Cooper

Too often executives (men and women) don't ask for what they want in an employment agreement, assume that their employment terms are not negotiable, or give up on negotiations too early in the process.

Reflections on the Pope’s Visit

Regardless of all of the complaints about disruption to city life and second-guessing of logistical plans, street and road closings by me and others, this was a great weekend for the faithful and for all citizens of Philadelphia...

The Pope's Visit to Philadelphia: Surely, There Was a Better Way


Advice for the New Year: Push Through Your Self-Perceived Limitations

Why do people experience various degrees of success over the course of their careers?  Your attitude and your ability to push through self-perceived limitations play key roles in how successful you will be.

Fit Lawyer: Physical Fitness as a Competitive Advantage


If you have to prepare for trial or work the weekend to close a deal, you need a deep reservoir of mental and physical energy to power through these periodic spurts of heightened activity.

Core Moments


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14th Anniversary Reflections of a CEO on 9/11

No one can ever forget where they were at 8:46 that morning.


Ben Franklin Bridge

View of Philadelphia's Ben Franklin Bridge With New Jersey Beyond | Photo: Fotosearch sp_trekandshoot |

Readers Respond: 'Pope Visit: Quit Hitting the Panic Button' Touches a Nerve

In my article, I wrote that Philadelphia should have three goals for the papal visit: the paramount goal of ensuring a safe and secure event, have visitors feel that they are welcomed guests and to...


Philadelphia prepares for the papal visit

Philadelphia prepares for the papal visit | | nopopup

The Pope's Visit

Quit hitting the panic button, Philadelphia, and let's make people feel welcome. Rather than make it hard for people, the city should to make it as easy as possible, given the security and logistical...

Career Management

Expertise Marketing

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Building Public Credibility, Reputation, and Trust with Expertise Marketing

Your individual expertise can be an extremely powerful and effective marketing resource.  It can translate into drawing in new prospects for your firm and building your personal brand.

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Ready For Silent Treatment?

Grab a few minutes of silence today. Turn the volume down and cherish a transient oasis of calmness and peace. The opportunity to contemplate in silence is a rare gift.


Wealth Inequality

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Janet Yellen is Wrong About the Cause of Wealth Inequality

The real cause of the wealth inequality arises from the fact that U.S. investors lack basic financial literacy, and have a weak grasp of even elementary financial concepts.