Pay-if-Paid Contracts: All Work and No Pay?

The default rule in multi-tier, low-bid contracting is that prime contractors bear the loss if an owner fails to pay. The prime contractor remains obligated to pay regardless of an owner’s default.

How You Can Recover Hidden Cash Flow from Your Vendor Base

Most companies are leaving 10-30% on the table in operating expenses. Fortunately, recovering those expenses can occur without sacrificing supplier quality or service.

Eight-Figure Judgments in Trade Secret Cases – Do We Have Your Attention Now?


Does Your Scope of Work Mean What You Think It Means?

Prime contractors want to broadly incorporate their obligations under the owners’ contracts to ensure there are no gaps. Subcontractors typically want the opposite: narrow and specific obligations that limit their risk. Conflicts inevitably arise.

Former Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Tarnishes the Image of His Profession

Leaders need to understand that their decisions and actions have consequences, including damage to their personal reputations and that of their company. Reputation is the most important thing we have.


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Ten Things To Review In Your Retail Financial Statements

Depending on how frequently you review your financials, many things can be observed and proactively acted upon that will have a dramatic impact on your business.

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Interpreting 5.3%

Healthcare spending in 2014 was up 5.3% compared to 2013. Was that good or bad?

Healthcare Services

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95,000 Years

We’ve been rounding up to 3 trillion in healthcare spending for a few years now because saying ‘two trillion, eight hundred seventy three billion’ just doesn’t flow right off the tongue, but now it...


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Workers’ Comp Benefits Awarded to Prankster in South Dakota

The South Dakota Supreme Court recognized that “playing a prank on a co-worker during an idle period is [an activity] in which employees might reasonably engage” - therefore eligible for workers...


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Protecting Sensitive Business Information

Confidentiality agreements can provide benefits to businesses looking to protect their sensitive information from misuse by employees and independent contractors - and the costs of implementing them...

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Thrift Shopping Nuggets

A provision in the recent budget act eliminates the ability for health systems to get paid at higher rates for any physician practices they acquire in the future.