State Regulation of Business Opportunities

The FTC business opportunity rule does not preempt the state business opportunity laws, but allows the states to impose their own requirements. 26 states in the U.S. have laws that govern the sale of business opportunities.

How Is a Business Opportunity Different Than a Franchise Opportunity?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates business opportunity sales under its authority to regulate unfair or deceptive trade practices and it's definition differs from the definitions under the laws of the 26 states that regulate biz ops.

'Cheating the Birth Lottery:' the Story of Philly Tech Entrepreneur Yasmine Mustafa

Traitorous 8

The Traitorous 8 and Birth of Silicon Valley

Politics, economics, terrorism, and social issues may dominate the daily headlines, but behind the scenes there are daily miracles occurring due to technology advancements. Driving much of that innovation is the microchip - a product of the Traitorous...

Early-Stage Companies: Advice for CEOs, Board Members and Investors


Issues to be aware of that will increase your effectiveness as well as the probability of a successful enterprise.

Privately-Held Businesses

Advisory Board

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Three People You Must Have On Your Advisory Board!

The best candidates want to focus on “giving back.” They will have experience in your important niches and will be “hands on.”  They had help starting - they now want to pay it forward to help...

Privately-Held Businesses


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Should Your LLC Have an Operating Agreement?

LLCs are one of the most flexible business entity forms available, but much of that flexibility may be lost if the members do not take the time to negotiate the terms of the operating agreement.

Privately-Held Businesses

Satellite Dish

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Don’t Show Satellite TV at Your Business Unless You’re Paying for the Correct Business License!

Your agreement with your service provider almost certainly prohibits you from using the services at any location but your house. Don’t think you can easily get away with using home video satellite...

Privately-Held Businesses

Father & Son

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Family Businesses Weak in Succession Planning

Just slightly more than 33% of the family businesses surveyed have an appointed successor, and only 27% have a documented succession plan for senior roles.



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How to Defend Your Craft Beer Trademarks

Since trademark law is about maintaining distinctiveness, if you let your mark lose distinctiveness then you also lose the trademark. It is your privilege to own the mark and therefore your...


California Senate Chamber

Senate Chamber in the California State Capitol building in Sacramento | Photo: Fotosearch (csp_demerzel21) |

California Toughens Its Franchise Relationship Law

California franchisees will soon have additional statutory protections against a franchisor’s termination or non-renewal of the franchise without good cause, and new protections against the...