5 Ways to Build Esteem in the Minds of Your Clients

Being different in a way that’s relevant to your target audiences is one of the most important aspects of branding. However, it’s also important to be regarded with esteem by the people in your network.

6 Characteristics You Can Use to Define Your Target Audiences

What keeps your clients up at night, and how can your services allay their anxieties? The answer will guide your messaging strategy to show them why they should trust you throughout the professional relationship-building process.

Changes to LinkedIn Groups Promote Discussion, Discourage Promotion


How Much Do You Know About Sales 2.0?

A major growth challenge for many companies today is the profound transformation in customer behavior where buyers are beginning to live online and they are the ones in control of your sales cycle.

How to Cram More Information Into Your Speech

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The answer is… you don't. Focus on the one idea, the one sentence, you want your audience to remember.

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Let's Talk TED - 3 Tips for Upping Your Presentation Game

TED talks have become a common reference point for the overall quality of a presentation. Most business presentations are not designed the same way, but there are a few key principles from TED Talks...

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New Top Level Domain Names

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Domain Names and Naming Your Business in a “Not-Com” World

For two decades, the Internet has known only 22 top-level domain names such as .com, .net or .org. Now hundreds of additional alternatives are available, providing you with broad digital branding...

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Rights of Publicity: A Potentially Catastrophic Pitfall for the Unwary Marketer

How did Michael Jordan win an $8.9 million damage award against Dominick’s (now Safeway as it bought Dominick’s) for running a print ad in Sports Illustrated?  Simply…marketing forgot to consider the...

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Standing out

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8 Reasons Why You Need Digital Presence

Experienced business brokers across the country are lamenting that the presence that took them a decade or more to develop is being eroded by younger, new to the business brokers who are creating a...

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Your Marketing Mix: Stop Focusing Only on Traffic

Figuring out your marketing isn’t about replicating someone else’s results but nailing down the approach that works for you. Which is why you need to have a handle on what’s called the marketing...

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Stop selling from the stage

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Public Speaking Pet Peeves

Stop selling from the stage. Your audience is more than open wallets, dying to buy from you after your presentation.