Why It’s a Mistake To Be Raising Cash In This Market

Keeping some cash on hand for emergency purposes is prudent - but it is not investable capital. Historically, this type of cash has rarely generated high total returns.  More importantly, it is not supposed to.

Consider This Strategy To Reduce Stock Market Anxiety

Temporary illiquidity will never stress me very much on a business that I have no intention of selling for many years to come. 

Researching United Technologies: Here’s How I Do It


Is Facebook a Screaming Buy Or Sell?

A look at the power, protection and return potential that can occur when investing in growth stocks. Investing lessons about growth stock investing using Facebook as a quintessential example of a true unadulterated growth stock.

Retired Dividend Growth Investors: Sleep Soundly by Embracing Survivorship Bias

Johnson Baby Products

Before investing in any common stock it’s imperative to know as much about the business behind the stock as you possibly can.  However, there are only so many businesses that an individual investor can know anything about.

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One of Pentair's (PNR) divisions helps process, treat, transport, and deliver sustainable, fresh water to communities | | nopopup

How Can You Avoid Value Traps in This Market?

There are low valued stocks that are in truth value traps, and there are low valued stocks that are in truth value opportunities.  When you make the distinction and get it right, the profit...

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A Walmart (WMT) associate picks produce for the company's new online grocery service | Photo: Walmart | nopopup

Simplify Your Research Process and K.I.S.S.* Your Worries Goodbye

You shouldn't be intimidated with the prospect of conducting your own research and due diligence on stocks to invest. This article walks you through how to keep your own investment analysis simple...

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IBM - Under Armour CES

At CES, IBM (IBM) Chairman and CEO Ginni Rometty, and Kevin Plank, Founder and CEO, Under Armour (UA), announced a new "cognitive coaching" system, powered by Watson, that will provide coaching around sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition (CES Las Vegas January 7, 2016) | | nopopup

10 Attractive Dividend Growth Stocks Poised to Become the Next Dividend Champions Or Aristocrats

The true value investor buys the company and not the stock. Consequently, this approach requires focusing more on the underlying strength and fundamental value of the business in lieu of reacting to...

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| | nopopup

Why Getting Valuation Right Is So Important To Retired Dividend Growth Investors

Although getting valuation right before you buy a stock is critically important to the long-term oriented retired dividend growth investor, it is not a short-term market timing concept.  Short-term...

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Scotch tape

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Innovation and Scotch Tape

In business and economics, a “first-mover advantage” is defined as the benefit accrued to a company whose product is the first to enter a market. There is credence to the idea that the early bird...

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steam generator arrives at Georgia's Vogtle nuclear power expansion site

Final 1.3 million-pound steam generator arrives at Georgia's Vogtle nuclear power expansion site (November 2015) | Photo: Southern Company |

Southern Company: Invest While the Yield Is Still High

I have been recently looking for viable alternative income-producing opportunities to fixed income investments. I believe that carefully selected utility stocks can fit the bill.