Rising Rates Meet Nesting Urges

The evidence suggests that the demand for housing, led by new families among 30-40 year old Americans, could overwhelm progressively higher interest rates - leading to a home building boom.

Court Determines that an HOA Is Not Legally Valid

HOAs and Condominiums derive from the covenants and state statutes’ powerful tools to use against homeowners. However, if the association does not meet the legal definition of a HOA or condo, then it cannot use the statuary toolbox.

HOAs Prepare for a Zombie Foreclosure Apocalypse


Check Your Privilege, Home-Owners Association

When the client is an incorporated association and not an individual, questions arise as to which people function as the “client” as far as attorney-client privilege is concerned.

Construction Defect Warranty Claims

construction defects

Construction defect warranty claims are a frequent source of conflict between contractors and new home buyers. There are issues to keep in mind when construction defects are not resolved amicably and legal paths are pursued for resolution.

Contracts & Leasing

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Getting the Most Out of Your Tenant Improvement Dollars

Before you turn over your construction project to your landlord, there are several things you should address in your lease to ensure you get the most for your money.

Residential Property

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Condominium Association Recovery of Attorneys’ Fees in Florida

The good news for associations is that Florida Statutes and the governing documents of the community provide entitlement to the recovery of attorneys’ fees in many legal actions.  The bad news is...

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Commercial Real Estate

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When Is a Market Comp Not a Comp

Providing examples of other deals in the market would appear fairly straightforward, right?  Unfortunately the answer is often "no".

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What is a Nuisance Under Florida Condominium Law?

Florida condo unit owners are guaranteed the right to enjoy their homes as they see fit with one big limitation: they cannot use their property in a way that it injures or impedes the rights of...

Financing & Taxes

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Think Carefully Before Accepting Loan Guarantee Waivers

Each lender has different standards, and each loan is different, so borrowers and guarantors need to limit any such waivers to ensure that they have the benefit of all applicable statutes that...

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Why Conflicts of Interest Matter More Than Ever

The traditional commercial real estate brokerage process involves inherent conflicts of interest that are routinely accepted by clients. A look at what's motivating the emergence of independent...