Simple Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked

With all the recent news about NSA spying on us, corporate cyber security failures and large-scale hacks, the task of keeping yourself safe online can seem daunting. An intermediate to advanced guide on personal cybersecurity, particuarly for Apple...

Cybersecurity: a Growing Concern for Small Business

While smaller companies may not make the headlines when data breaches occur, the damage to the company can be extremely cumbersome. Problems can start with vulnerable networks and systems or even poor physical security.

The Problem with Power

Coffee spilled on laptop

Top-10 Liquid Spills That Kill Laptop Computers

Liquid spills are the root cause of most (60 percent) of laptop repairs. The average cost to fix a dead-on-arrival laptop computer from a liquid spill is a staggering $600 on average,

Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Offering Free Wi-Fi

Restaurant Wi-Fi

Many companies have found including wireless as a promotional effort is a successful way to entice consumers and that it can effectively boost business by offering free Wi-Fi.

Privacy & Security


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SEC Cybersecurity Guidance for Investment Managers

If you are a small investment house, you may not have the knowledgable staff required to implement the new SEC guidelines on cybersecurity.

Tech Support

Small business network

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Information Technology Support Tips for Small Businesses

Ensuring that your business's software, hardware, networks and telephony are maintained to promote maximum stability and security.

Privacy & Security


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What to Do if Your Small Business Website Is Hacked

No matter how well we protect our data, the hackers are always going to be ahead of us. So there is always the potential of having a data security issue, and one of the most common problems small...

Computer Hardware

Western Digital WD Blue™ SSHD Desktop Hard Drive

Western Digital WD Blue™ SSHD Desktop Hard Drive | Photo: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.|

Solid State Hard Drive Upgrade: HDD vs SSD

What performance changes will you see if you upgrade your computer to a Solid State Hard Drive? The biggest thing you will notice is how fast your computer starts up.

Privacy & Security


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Can Your Company Afford Not To Have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy?

Bring Your Own Device or BYOD refers to a program of permitting employees to bring personally owned mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and smart phones to the workplace and allowing employees...

Computer Hardware

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Data Recovery: Hard Drives with Bad Sectors and Media Errors

Because bad sectors are a sign that a hard drive is failing, it is recommended that a hard drive should be retired as soon as the number of bad sectors become significant.